Suzanne Simpson has worked in the field of Assistive Technology and Vocational Rehabilitation since moving to Loudoun County, Virginia, in 2003. She observed firsthand how lack of transportation limited employment opportunities for a significant portion of the employable population. Many individuals do not need special equipment to drive but do need personalized instruction to learn to drive.  These individuals have either not pursued obtaining their driver’s license or were not successful when they pursued their license through traditional methods.  Suzanne worked on the development of programs within the Virginia Division of Rehabilitative Services to assist these individuals in pursuing their learner’s permits and licenses.  Not everyone is able to safely drive, but many can when given the right opportunity and environment in which to learn.

Suzanne carefully observed the process of students obtaining their licenses as her own children and their friends came of age.  Both of her children now have their licenses but were not able to follow the traditional path to get it.  Many of her children’s friends do not have their licenses for a variety of reasons – academic struggles, anxiety, lack of parental support, and the need for individualized attention — even though they are now in or approaching the twenties age bracket.  Suzanne has made it her mission to help children like hers to experience successes in life.

Suzanne’s unique skill set has evolved through years of working with individuals who fall within the target demographic.  Her employment history includes Rehabilitation Engineer with the Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services, Assistive Technology Specialist with Loudoun County Public Schools, and Assistant Instructor of defensive driving with a commercial driver training company.  These experiences led her to pursue her credentials as a licensed driving instructor.  Suzanne completed training to become a licensed driving instructor in the Summer of 2017, and immediately began planning on how to focus on young drivers, the learner’s permit instruction, and behind the wheel training. Winding Road Driving Academy was officially formed in December of 2017 and completed licensure by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles on June 1, 2018.

Suzanne is a member of ADED (The Association of Driver Rehabilitation Specialists) and completed their Introduction to Driver Rehabilitation course in the Summer 2018.   She is also a member of VADETS (Virginia Association for Driver Education and Traffic Safety).

Suzanne continues to take an active interest in Assistive Technology and maintains her certifications as a certified Assistive Technology Professional (ATP).  Suzanne is also a certified Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC).